Universal Deconvolution of Mass and Ion Mobility Spectra
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UniDec.unidec_modules.mzMLimporter Namespace Reference


class  mzMLimporter


def get_resolution (testdata)
def merge_spectra (datalist)


string __author__ = 'Michael.Marty'
string dir = "C:\\cprog\\Joe"
string file = "20150304_myo_70r_5u_full-ALL.mzML"
tuple tstart = time.time()
tuple data = mzMLimporter(os.path.join(dir, file))
tuple tend = time.time()

Function Documentation

def UniDec.unidec_modules.mzMLimporter.get_resolution (   testdata)
Get the median resolution of 1D MS data.
:param testdata: N x 2 data (mz, intensity)
:return: Median resolution (float)

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def UniDec.unidec_modules.mzMLimporter.merge_spectra (   datalist)
Merge together a list of data.
Interpolates each data set in the lit to a new nonlinear axis with the median resolution of the first element.
Then, adds the interpolated data together to get the merged data.
:param datalist: M x N x 2 list of data sets
:return: Merged N x 2 data set

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Variable Documentation

string UniDec.unidec_modules.mzMLimporter.__author__ = 'Michael.Marty'
tuple UniDec.unidec_modules.mzMLimporter.data = mzMLimporter(os.path.join(dir, file))
string UniDec.unidec_modules.mzMLimporter.dir = "C:\\cprog\\Joe"
string UniDec.unidec_modules.mzMLimporter.file = "20150304_myo_70r_5u_full-ALL.mzML"
tuple UniDec.unidec_modules.mzMLimporter.tend = time.time()
tuple UniDec.unidec_modules.mzMLimporter.tstart = time.time()