Universal Deconvolution of Mass and Ion Mobility Spectra
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UniDec.unidec_modules.plot2d.Plot2d Class Reference
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def __init__ (self, args, kwargs)
def contourplot
def plot_native_z

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Detailed Description

Plotting class for 2D contour plots

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

def UniDec.unidec_modules.plot2d.Plot2d.__init__ (   self,
Initialize parameters for plotting window
:param args: Arguments passed to PlottingWindow
:param kwargs: Keywords passed to PlottingWindow
:return: Plot2d object

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Member Function Documentation

def UniDec.unidec_modules.plot2d.Plot2d.contourplot (   self,
  dat = None,
  config = None,
  xvals = None,
  yvals = None,
  zgrid = None,
  xlab = 'm/z (Th)',
  ylab = "Charge",
  title = '',
  normflag = 1,
  normrange = [0,
  repaint = True,
  nticks = None,
  test_kda = False 
Make 2D plot.

Data can be added using two methods:
    1. If dat is specified, it will look for an N x 3 list of x,y,z values
    2. If xvals, yvals, and zgrid are filled, it will plot zgrid assuming its shape is (len(xvals),len(yvals))
:param dat: N x 3 list in [x,y,z] format of data to be plotted
:param config: UniDecConfig object
:param xvals: x-axis values
:param yvals: y-axis values
:param zgrid: numpy array of shape (len(xvals),len(yvals))
:param xlab: Label for x-axis
:param ylab: Label for y-axis
:param title: Plot title
:param normflag: Set to 1 to normalize the plot range from min to max. If 0, will not normalize.
:param normrange: Range to normalize to if normflag is 0.
:param repaint: If true, will repaint the plot after it is done.
:param nticks: Number of ticks on the x-axis. If None, will use default.
:param test_kda: If true, will decide if the x-axis is better displayed in Da or kDa units.
:return: None

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def UniDec.unidec_modules.plot2d.Plot2d.plot_native_z (   self,
  width = 0,
  alpha = 1,
  shape = 0 
Plots a showing the native charge offsets.
:param offset: Offset value
:param col: Color
:param xvals: x-axis (mass)
:param width: Width of charge distribution.
:param alpha: Transparency of plot overlay
:param shape: Indicates whether the width defines a step function of a Gaussian distribution
:return: None

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