Universal Deconvolution of Mass and Ion Mobility Spectra
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UniDec.unidec_modules.masstools.OligomerListCtrl Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

def __init__
def clear (self)
def add_line (self)
def populate (self, data)
def get_list (self)
def on_right_click_oligolist (self, event)
def on_oligo_delete (self, event)

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

def UniDec.unidec_modules.masstools.OligomerListCtrl.__init__ (   self,
  pos = wx.DefaultPosition,
  size = wx.DefaultSize,
  style = 0 
Create a 5 column list ctrl.
:param parent: Passed to wx.ListCrtl
:param id_value: Passed to wx.ListCrtl
:param pos: Passed to wx.ListCrtl
:param size: Passed to wx.ListCrtl
:param style: Passed to wx.ListCrtl
:return: None

Member Function Documentation

def UniDec.unidec_modules.masstools.OligomerListCtrl.add_line (   self)
Add a blank line to the list.
:return: None

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def UniDec.unidec_modules.masstools.OligomerListCtrl.clear (   self)
Clear the list.
:return: None
def UniDec.unidec_modules.masstools.OligomerListCtrl.get_list (   self)
Return the values on the apanel as a nested list.
:return: List of values in N x 5 format.
def UniDec.unidec_modules.masstools.OligomerListCtrl.on_oligo_delete (   self,
Delete the selected item.
:param event: Unused event
:return: None
def UniDec.unidec_modules.masstools.OligomerListCtrl.on_right_click_oligolist (   self,
Open a right click menu
:param event: Unused event
:return: None
def UniDec.unidec_modules.masstools.OligomerListCtrl.populate (   self,
Populate from an N x 4 or N x 5 array into the listctrl.
:param data: Array
:return: None

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